The VideoBox

When sending a business gift, it is not just about the gift itself. The packaging also determines the effect of your gift. Will it be ignored, or does it make an unforgettable impression?

Of course you want to achieve the latter. An original promotional gift is a good starting point. A striking package like the VideoBox makes it complete.

What exactly is the VideoBox?

The VideoBox is a luxurious gift box with an integrated video screen. The box itself makes a good impression on the recipient because of its high quality.

The real surprise comes when the recipient opens the box. That is when your personal video starts playing!

This happens in razor-sharp image quality on a professional, integrated LCD screen. You decide what the video shows. It is even possible to add multiple videos.

Endless possibilities

The VideoBox is an original package for all kinds of gifts. And you have endless options with the video as well.

Consider, for example, an instructional video for the product that you are sending. Or a personal message with a Christmas package. Anything is possible!

Would you like to discuss the possibilities? Or to request a sample or price list? Please contact us via the form below, and we will be happy to help you.