Instructional videos

Writing a good manual for your product is an art in itself. And even it works, a customer can still interpret your instructions differently. With a clear instructional video, you can easily solve that problem.

But most customers will not run to your website to watch an instructional video. With the PixioCard, you can deliver it directly, along with the product.

Extra service for your customers

That makes the PixioCard a pleasant surprise for your customers. But it also improves the customer experience enormously!

You make it very easy for your customers to follow the instructions. This prevents misuse and the frustrations that go along with that.

That turns every customer into a satisfied customer.

Handy for presentations

Do you visit customers to present new products or services? Then the PixioCard is an ideal tool to help you do that.

For example, when customers temporarily try out a product or service after your presentation. With a clear instructional video in the included PixioCard, you can be sure that they will get the most out of this trial period.

And with that, you increase the chances of your own commercial success.

Want your instructional videos in a PixioCard?

We can do that! We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities. Contact us using the form below for a sample or price list.